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Thank you for vising our web page. We are always excited to work in a new neighborhood. It is fun for us to meet new customers and see the beautiful homes that they have created. I personally love to see the view of the garden, the mountains, or the city from a new perspective. But most of all I am thrilled to bring the view of our outside world to life for all of our customers.

Window Washing Service

Clean Windows: First Rule of Feng Shui

I have observed many benefits from clean windows over the years. I have seen that clean windows bring order to homes, offices, or factories. The four-square shape of the ordinary window is a simple shape for bringing order out of chaos. Often after cleaning windows at a complex that has been neglected for a long time, I notice when I return for the fall service or next year, the whole complex looks better. The patios are orderly, the junk is picked up, even the parking lot looks neat and tidy.

Many customers have asked; "what is it about clean windows that makes my house seem so much cleaner?" Well, window cleaning removes stagnant odors to make the room smell clean and fresh. I remember working in a master bathroom with a bright bouquet of Lilies on the counter and as the odors were removed from the doors, windows, and mirrors, the beautiful fragrance of the Lilies seemed to suddenly fill the room. Also, with complaints about the dog odor or similar smells that persist in a room no matter what. Clean windows will remove that odor in a flash.

The healthy life-giving rays of the sun pour into a room more easily thru clean windows. These rays may help those who suffer from viruses or allergies to recover more quickly. Clean windows are bright and cheery for the rainy Northwest winter. Many people suffer from depression from our long dark days and this may be relieved by having the windows cleaned. The cheerful light, the order, and cleanliness all act to relieve the dreary winter blues. Call today for prices or, to schedule a free written service quote!

Window Washing

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We clean mirrors, shower doors, chandeliers, and outdoor carriage lamps; these chores when done well, have an amazing effect on the overall appearance of your home. We clean the glass deck railing, skylights, and solariums. We clean cobwebs, replace batteries and other incidentals that require a ladder to reach.

Lots of homes need gutter and downspout cleaning to keep the leaves and goop from clogging and causing an overflow to mess up the landscaping. We do a lot of gutter cleaning in the winter and fall. Also, the outside of the gutter line can turn green or black and unsightly with the growth of algae. The exterior of the gutters can be cleaned, as another low-cost way to brighten up the appearance of your home, structure, or even a whole condominium complex.

We Do A Lot More Than Just Clean Windows

Moss and lichen will build up on roof areas if left undisturbed. This can become unsightly. We have tools and skills to safely remove moss buildup without harming the roof. Then we blow down the moss and debris clean the gutters and downspouts. Then we can treat the roof with algicide to kill the moss and brighten the roof surfaces. We also offer services to clean the exterior siding of the home. We can rinse down algae and dirt and return the exterior siding of the home to a freshly painted appearance. This is another task that can restore and prolong a fresh look to your home.

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